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Triple-Fuel Yamaha EF2800i Inverter Generator

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Triple-Fuel Yamaha EF2800i with propane tank Triple-Fuel Yamaha Inverter 2,800 Watt Generator - On a 20 lb propane tank, this set will run for 24 hours. Then, switch over to gasoline, and it will run for another 12 hours on a full tank of gasoline. That's 36 hours (three days straight!) of clean, efficient and quiet electrical power! This unit will operate on LP Gas, Natural Gas and Gasoline right out of the box! No mechanical alterations are necessary - simply change your fuel source! Features include Yamaha 4 Stroke OHV engine, frame mounted control panel, oil warning system, USFS approved spark arrestor, 12 VDC output w/ battery charging cables, Economy Control (automatically changes the engine speed to match power demand), large super quiet muffler, frame mounted 3 gallon fuel tank w/ fuel gauge and a sound level of only 60 dB(A). DOES NOT INCLUDE LP HOSE & TANK.


Triple-Fuel Yamaha EF2800i back-view
Model Number 07674
Electrical Specifications MLS4-Y
Is this unit suitable for powering sensitive electronic equipment like a laptop computer? YES
Automatic Voltage Regulation Standard
Electrical Specifications MLS4-Y
Maximum Output 2,800 watts
Continous Output 2,500 watts
Power One-Phase MLS4-Y
Load Amperage at 120 volts ---
Maximum Load 23.3 Amps
Continous Load 20.8 Amps
Sound Level @ 23 ft(7 m) at full load 60 dB(A)

Triple-Fuel Yamaha EF2800i left-view
Model Number 07684
Engine -
Model Yamaha OHV
Type 4-Stroke, 171cc
Horsepower 5.5
Oil Capacity 1.5 qts.
Ignition System T.C.I. (Transistor Controlled Ignition)
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Block Aluminum w/ Cast Iron Sleeve
Exhaust Outlet 1" OD Muffler Outlet
Fuel LP Gas, Natural Gas & Gasoline
Starting System Recoil

Triple-Fuel Yamaha EF2800i Generator top-view
Model Number 07684
Consumption -
Consumption at 1/2 load 0.25 gallons/hour
Consumption at 3/4 load 0.39 gallons/hour
Consumption at full load load 0.47 gallons/hour
Fuel Tank Capacity 3 gallons
Fuel Gauge Standard
On LP Gas -
Consumption at 1/2 load 0.26 gallons/hour
Consumption at 3/4 load 0.37 gallons/hour
Consumption at full load load 0.42 gallons/hour
On Natural Gas -
Consumption at 1/2 load 31 cu.ft./hr
Consumption at 3/4 load 45 cu.ft./hr
Consumption at full load load 51 cu.ft./hr

Triple-Fuel Yamaha EF2800i receptacle panel

Model Number 07684
Control Panel Engine
A. Push-Button On/Off Switch Standard
B. Economy Idle Control Standard
C. Low Oil Pressure Indicator Standard
D. AC Output Indicator Standard
E. Overload Warning Indicator Standard
F. 12 VDC Output Standard
G. 12 VDC Circuit Breaker 1-10 Amp
H. Ground Connection Standard
I. 120 V Duplex NEMA#5-20R 1-20 Amp
J. 120 V Duplex NEMA#5-20R 1-20 Amp
K. 120 V Twistlock NEMA#5-30R 1-30 Amp

Model Number 07684
Installation Specifications -
Fuel Inlet Fitting Size 1" FNPT
Recommended Fuel Hose Size 3/8"
Fuel Inlet Pressure 11-14" Water Column
Exhaust Outlet 1" OD Muffler Outlet
Exhaust Location & Direction
(Facing Control Panel)
Service Points
(Facing Control Panel)
Oil Fill: Front-Side
Air Filter: Left-Side
Spark Plug: Back-Side
Fuel Inlet: Back-Side
Power Output Location
(Facing Engine)
Minimum Cord Size 0-50 Feet: 10 AWG
51-100 Feet: 8 AWG
101-150 Feet: 6 AWG
Engine Oil Type 10W-30

Model Number 07684
Warranty -
Engine Warranty 2 Years
Generator Warranty 2 Years
100% Coverage for Parts & Labor Standard

Model Number 07684
Dimensions -
Length 19.2 inches
Width 15.5 inches
Height 16.7 inches
Dry weight 64 lbs


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